Thursday 1st December 2022

Courses Evaluation

Dear Students,

I would like to  hereby announce the evaluation procedure for all courses in this semester. To pass the courses and hopefully get their best scores, students need to observe the following:

1. Class Activity (5-8/20):

a. The students regular attendance is a must. To do their homework or classwork assignments, students will hopefully have 10  sessions. For example, if each session bears 1 point , it makes the result for all sessions 10/2= 5 points.

b. The students’ sheer attendance and their observation of class regulations as well as their presence will mean they have obtained half of the sessions’ score (e.g 0/5)  . Only students with an active participation get the full score for that session.

c. Students who are expelled from the class for any reason, lack of homework, misbehavior, etc, are suspended for two sessions, including that same session. They also lose 2 points at each time. The student expelled for two times fails the course.

d.  The absent student loses the session’s  mark, however s/he may compensate half of the score by submitting the session’s assignment through the Students Portal.

e. The students who are absent for 3 sessions lose 2 points, disregarding their class activity in other sessions, and those with more than 3 sessions  fail the course.

2. The Midterm &  Term Projects (2-5/20):

a. The term project will be evaluated in the last two sessions of the semester. Any questions and problem solving will be possible only at that time.

b. The final check (if included in the project evaluation) will include checking project’s layout, reading some parts as samples, and checking word varieties as well as the students’ ability to use grammar efficiently.

c. The maximum time to do the midterm project and term project will be two  and four weeks respectively.

3. Final Exam (10-12/20)

a. All the materials covered in the classroom and  parts of the midterm and  term projects will be included in the final exam.

b. There may be a midterm exam or a quiz which can make up 2-3 points, subtracted from the final exam score.

c. The students who get above  80% of the final exam will be awarded a bonus score to the added to their class activity or project scores (in case they need).


As there have been some cases in which students have obtained full classroom or project scores but have failed to get a decent score in the final exam, it should be clarified that in such cases the scores will be considered  separately and no change of scores whatsoever will be possible

Best of luck,

M. Rastgar