Thursday 1st December 2022

Final Delivery File Format

*For the final delivery, the students should take the following points into account:

1. All Students need to deliver the hard copy of their final revised project, bearing the student’s name and the pages number.

2. The students also need to send their finalized files, before the final delivery session, only to this email:

Subject of Email:  Class Day + Student’s Family Name + Book Title +  Pages

File Name: Student’s Name + Book Title + Pages

3. The files as well as their printed version need to have the following format:

Font: 14, Nazanin or Homa, Justified

Page Layout: Normal, simple & without any frame

Line Space: 1.5

File Type: Only Word 2003/ 2007 is acceptable

4. Students have to observe the format of the source language as well. All Bold, and Italic parts, as well as the headline format and size should be observed in the translation or revision project.