Thursday 1st December 2022

Interdisciplinary Translation Studies 2013, Iran

This interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary conference provides opportunities for scholars from different academic backgrounds to debate issues relating to translation. The conference seeks to promote exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experience, and also encourages cooperation between scholars, experts, writers, editors, translators, and educators. It also aims at exploring the latest information, theories, and techniques in the field of translation for quality enhancement.

The conference will bring together leading international researchers, educators and academicians in the domain of interest from around the world. Papers, presentations, and reports are invited particularly related but not limited to the following conference themes:

Translation, Teaching and Assessment

1. Translator/Interpreter Training
2. Translation in Language Teaching
3. Translation/Interpreting and Quality Assessment
4. Translation and Lexicography

Translation, Media and Information Technology

5. Translation/Interpreting and Corpus Linguistics
6. Multimedia Translation
7. Computer Translation
8. Translation and Localization (of Computer Games and Software)
9. Translation/Interpreting & Information Technology

Translation and Discourse

10. Translation and Discourse Analysis
11. Translation from the Viewpoint of Comparative Literature
12. Psychology of Translation/Interpreting

Translation, Culture and Society

13. Translation and Religion
14. Cultural Aspects of Translation
15. The Politics of Translation/ Interpreting
16. The Ideology of Translation/Interpreting
17. Globalization and Translation
18. The Roles of Translation in the Colonial and Postcolonial World

Translation Industry

19. Translation Project Management
20. Translation/Interpreting Marketing
21. Policymaking in Translation Industry

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