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Translating Dialects & Languages of Minorities

New book: Federico M. Federici (ed.)


Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien: Peter Lang, 2011. XII, 245 pp., num. ill. and tables

New Trends in Translation Studies. Vol. 6, Edited by Jorge Díaz Cintas

This book offers a range of analyses of the multiplicity of opinions and ideologies attached to rendering, in familiar or unfamiliar voices, languages known as non-standard varieties. The contributions include theoretical reflections, case studies and comparative studies that draw from the full spectrum of translation strategies adopted in rendering non-standard varieties and reflect the endless possibilities of language variation. The strength of the volume lies in the wide range of languages discussed, from Arabic to Turkish and from Italian to Catalan, as well as in its variety of complementary and contrastive methodologies. The contributions reveal the importance of exploring further issues in translating local voices. Discussing dialects and marginal voices in translation, the contributors encourage and challenge the reader to reflect on what is standard and non-standard, acceptable and unacceptable, thereby overturning accepted principles and challenging familiar practices.

Federico M. Federici is Director of the MA in Translation Studies at Durham University, UK. His publications reflect ongoing research projects covering the ideology of translation, reception of Italian texts and audiovisuals in translation, and training of culturally aware translators. He is author of “Translation as Stylistic Evolution: Italo Calvino Creative Translator of Raymond Queneau” (2009) and editor of “Translating Regionalized Voices in Audiovisuals” (2009); he also co-edited (with Nigel Armstrong) “Translating Voices, Translating Regions” (2006).

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