Thursday 1st December 2022

Translation and Interpreting Studies 6:1- 2011

The 6th volume of Translation and Interpretation Studies Journal, issued by John Benjamins, has been published. We can read the following articles in this issue:

1. “A crime in another language?” revisited: Arabic-centered discourse in the Yousry case

Ghada Osman and Claudia V. Angelelli


2. Nattfuglene > Night Birds > Ṭuyūr al-layl: Textual reflexes of sociocultural norms in a children’s book translated from Norwegian — via English — into Arabic

Gunvor Mejdell


3. Translationese and punctuation: An empirical study of translated and non-translated international newspaper articles (English and Spanish)

Mónica Rodríguez-Castro


4. Translation students’ use and evaluation of online resources for Chinese-English translation at the word level

Mianjun Xu and Caiwen Wang


5. De-coding intertextuality in classic and postmodern Russian narratives

Natalia Olshanskaya

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